Friday, November 28, 2008

software pdf maker download

pdf maker software free downloadHow to make pdf file

Actually today still a lot which not yet known the way how to make pdf file, or making an ebook in pdf file format.
Ok, here's I provide a simple, small software (only 0.5 mb) Foxit PDF reator which help you easily creating pdf-file.
to use this software is very easy :

-first : isntall Foxit PDF maker with typically/default/standart option , this installation will creating the virtual printer.

-Open or edit your ducuments with ms office , then to converting your documents to pdf format, just take at print menu, on print window, choose Foxit PDF Creator ...done

Yes....this software is embedded into the printing system of your computer so that it appears as a post-script compatible printer to applications running on that computer. You can produce a PDF (Portable Document Format) file from any document by printing the document to the foxit PDF Creator printer in the same way that you would produce hard-copy by printing to a real printer.And converts PostScript language files into pdf files. These files can subsequently be used with Adobe Acrobat products, or any other third-party pdf tools.

To download, copy-pasting link below to url browser

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